Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Gone at Last; no sorry.

Look at this picture and look at the header picture. What's missing? Got it in one. Sorry but it is only a temporary gap in the scenery, it will be back in February. One passer by expressed the hope that it had blown away in the recent high winds with Nick Bye desperately hanging on to the tethering rope trying to keep his baby in the Bay. No chance, it was loaded on a trailer to be taken away and spend the winter in a shed somewhere. The balloon not the mayor.

Now if you live in the area and read the local paper (there is a link on this page somewhere) you will have read about the bus driver who charged a pregnant lady £5 after she was sick on his bus. Stagecoach have no policy of charging anyone for being sick on their buses and a driver is most unlikely to try and implement such a policy on his own. If he did I expect he would be joining the growing crowd round the door to the Jobseekers office. For a fiver? I doubt that. I think there has been a little bit of a misunderstanding here that will all be sorted out with the passing of time.
If I hear anymore, that I can publish, I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

I always feel sick on stagecoach buses - when i know i'm paying over the odds for the fares. It's high time there was an OFT investigation.

Nathan Thorn said...

I was down Torquay last week. Some northern OAPs asked me what it was. They expressed interest in going up on it... until I explained that it has remained fully tethered for several months.

It does look strange not being there though!!

Dave said...

OK about the balloon(?) Dave. Unfortunate about the lady and the five pound charge. Unsympathetic and unfortunate I would think. - Dave

Dave said...
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