Thursday, 5 November 2009

Stagecoach Do Have CCTV on Their Buses and Bus Stations

A footnote to a recent post regarding a story in the Herald Express. The story was about a young pregnant woman who claimed she had been humiliated and devastated when she was first berated by the driver of the bus she was travelling on and then forced to pay £5.00 to clean up after she had been sick on the bus. She had also claimed that she had been so upset that she had left the bus before getting to her destination.

CCTV cameras spotted her actually getting of the bus in Paignton Bus Station, two stops after the alleged incident. She was seen laughing and talking to other people, hardly the action of someone who had just been through the immensely disturbing ordeal she had discribed on the front page of the local paper.


Nathan Thorn said...

Oh your local paper likes to twist things too! Sounds familiar.
By the way Dave, did you hear about the trident (17009) crash on the Exmouth road on Wednesday?

Anonymous said...

Heavily pregnant and 18. Idiot.