Thursday, 19 November 2009

My Flu Jab

On Tuesday I received a letter from my doctor inviting me to call in for a Swine Flu jab. Wednesday morning I went along and submitted myself to the terrors of the needle. When I asked if it would hurt the nurse said, “Of course it will hurt. I’m about to stick a needle in your arm.” How honest. Unlike all those injections I got as a child, small pox, TB, Polio, tetanus where the nurse used to say this won’t hurt and it always did. The nurse said I may end up with a sore arm and short-lived mild flu like symptoms. The whole thing took about 30 seconds, I didn’t even get offered the cup of tea and a biscuit followed by a 20 minute lie down.

Later that evening my arm started to hurt and I did feel a bit old for an hour or two. Cleared up now. So I am looking forward to not getting Swine Flu this winter, like most people I expect. Whether they have had the jap or not.

Watch this blog to see if the injection works. I did have Asian Flu in 1958, two and a half weeks in bed feeling rotten is not something I want to try again.

Nothing in the paper explaining what the helicopter was doing the other night.


ex DG said...

Had mine yesterday- arms still a bit sore, but nothing else.

Dave said...

Good thing you were brave Dave! - Dave

Retired driver Peter said...

Went for mine Friday evening , the appointment was 5.15 pm and I was sen at 5.22. I arrived at 5pm with a queue outside the surgery into the street when I got in there seemed like all the Docs patients had turned up at once. Once Registered the instruction take off your jacket , roll up your left sleeve and wait till you are called was the order. I was called at 5.20 one doctor and two nurses had a production line going -one patient every two minutes - I think the only holdup was those that didnt take off their coats and roll up their sleeves. So, when it is your turn remember don't hold the queue up. Sunday, my arm is still a bit sore. Good Luck everyone.