Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Late Night Noise, and the Police do nothing about it.

On my way home this evening, walking because I can't use my bus pass after 11pm, and it was only just after 11, I heard the not too gentle sound of a helicopter flying towards the centre of Torquay. Now 45 minutes later it is still there, still making lots of noise while most of Torquayions (those who live in Torquay) are tucked up in bed trying to sleep. Hovering helicopters do make a lot of noise and use megalitres of carbondioxcide producing fuel.

Now last time this happened it was even later and it was there from about 2 am till 3:32 am. Just hovering. I expected to read in the paper the next day there had been a murder or a nest of fundamental terrorists discovered here in peaceful downtown Torquay. What did I find. Two car thieves has successfully evaded capture dispite all the D&C Police could throw at them.

Devon and Cornwall Police were recently in the news explaining how they had to cut 17 million quid from their annual budget. Is this the way to do it?

It's been there an hour now.
I'll let you know what it was all about tomorrow.


cogidubnus said...

Come fair...if the chopper offers a reasonable chance of nicking the crims, then who are we to moan about a little disturbance?

NThorn said...

The chopper was around Exeter (or at least heard) last night at about 1010-1040. I wonder if this was the same incident as yours?

David said...

It arrived in Torquay about 11:20 and stayed an hour 15 mins. It probably wasn't the same incident but came to Torquay because the crew were already on board from the Exeter problem. No mention in the Herald Express about why it was here.

Delly News Blog said...
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David said...

Delly News Blogg said nice blog

JRR said...

I live in central Torquay and was also intrigued. The above article appeared in a local newspaper from Greater London the following day. Perhaps the helicopter was involved in that raid on an "address in Torquay?"

NThorn said...

According to our paper, the reason it was in Exeter was because of someone being stabbed in the city centre.

David said...

I read about the Pinner car ring but still have no idea if the two were connected