Saturday, 14 November 2009

Saturday's Storm

All day Friday the TV weather forecasters had been warning that 70 mile per hour winds and torrential rains were on the way. Should be here in the early hours of Sunday morning and continuing all day. Well it was a bit breezy but the rain was merely heavy showers with plenty of sun shine. It has had a couple of effects though, Torquay Harbour (seen here) is usually a bit more crowded than this and on Sunday my morning tour to Dawlish and Teignmouth has been canceled, not enough people want to risk being blown away. Leaves me with a Sunday lie in which is nice and half a day short in my pay packet which isn't so nice.


Dave said...

I'm sure the extra rest was worth it Dave? - dave

NThorn said...

Up here in Exeter it was awful. River overflowed (as usual for substantial rain), drains blocked, very, very, very windy. I nearly got blown away on Sat morning. Bins over on floor, rubbish, signs etc.

David said...

Town centre here wasn't to bad, very windy on the sea front though.