Tuesday, 17 November 2009

No Work on Sunday

Normally I work on Sunday but this week there was a change of plan. This meant I was able to go and watch the Under 12 rugby team. I have been watching them of and on since they were the Under 9 rugby team but this would be the first time I have seen them this season. Most of the game they spent in Paignton's half of the pitch but 3 daft mistakes and Paignton scored 3 tries. At least it was a nice sunny day after the wind and rain we had over the week end.

The yacht in the top picture snapped it's anchor chain and spent a few hours wandering round the Bay before being driven onto the beach here in Torquay at high tide in the early hours of Sunday morning. The owner spent the best part of the day digging the keel and rudder out of the sand and with a little assistance from a shallow draft boat managed to get refloated at high tide on Sunday afternoon. No damage I don't think except that he was too embarrassed to talk about the incident to our reporter. The boat, called Sooshe comes from Brixham, as does the owner.
Monday I went up to the Midlands to pick up an other bunch of happy holiday makers. The wind on the motorway north of Bristol was hard work but otherwise uneventful.

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ex DG said...

Just be thankful it wasn't anything bigger- can you imagine that car carrier that's out in the bay, ashore at Tor Abbey sands!