Thursday, 7 January 2010

All Quiet in Manchester

Manchester wasn’t completely snowed under and on Wednesday I went into town. There were far fewer people about than usual and the roads were extremely quiet. So quiet that I could stand in the middle of Oxford St and take this picture. It was fairly hard work walking round on the frozen snow but there were teams of council workmen here and there clearing the pavements. All the buses were running again though only on main roads. Some estates weren’t covered. The one snow plough I did see was clearing the car park of the Manchester Fort, a shopping complex on Cheetham Hill Rd. Why there and not any of thousands of minor roads is beyond me. And probably beyond all those people who live along minor roads as well. Blacks the shop in the background which should have been doing a roaring trade in outdoor survival gear was closed.

Stagecoach, Firstbus and Arriva cover most of Manchester but there are lots of smaller bus companies operating here as well. This is just one of them.

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retired driver Peter said...

Finglands is part of the much bigger East Yorksire Group