Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Manchester is covered in snow

I wasn't expecting sun, sun, sun up here in Mancester but I wasn't expecting wall to wall snow either.
Arrived on Monday afternoon and it was cold but not icy. Monday night it snowed. Six to eight inches (15/20 cms) of the stuff. It was so bad neither my brother or sister in law even bothered trying to get to work. I haven't seen snow like this since 1963, which you will remember was the year it started snowing on Boxing Day and continued until a couple of days before Easter. Now I am only here in Manchester for a week, I was going to return to Torquay next Monday but given that the met office are saying this cold snap could last weeks, I could end up on holiday for longer than expected.

Remember when it is like this, if you don't have to drive then don't.


Dave said...

Yes Dave. We have a friend in Manchester said the snow was knee deep where they are and they can't get out to buy food, etc and schools are closed. Sounds serious alright! - Dave

David said...

Once people had got over the intial shock trafic is moving along the main roads OK but side roads could be icy for weeks. Depends if you live on a main road or not. Been cold though minus 11C last night.