Wednesday, 13 January 2010

No Snow in Torquay

This time last week I was still in Manchester up to my ankles in snow. I needed to book my coach ticket back to Torquay and was undecided which day to travel, Monday or Tuesday. I picked Monday for no particular reason and on Monday evening I found myself coming out of Exeter at 5:45. Not much snow on the ground, Telegraph Hill, the high ground between Exeter and Torquay was clear and coming down in to the coast was equally free of the white stuff. Tuesday evening at more or less the same time I found myself in front of the telly watching the news.Telegraph Hill was closed due to heavy falls of snow and traffic was backed up all the way into Exeter.

I had definitely picked the right day to travel. I spoke to a bus driver today and he told me the last X46, the bus service between here and Exeter had finally arrived in Torquay at midnight. Torquay was clear of snow but did have it’s own problems. Strong easterly winds and a high tide had closed the sea front for a few hours but that is a problem easily dealt with. Now the news regarding Torquay is about a couple in their seventies who have been murdered in their own home. Police say a 29 year old man has been arrested and charged with murder


NThorn said...

Ouch, that X46 would have been due in about 6 hours prior to that as all 39/X38/X46 and X64 services were cancelled from about 5pm!!

Anonymous said...

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