Thursday, 28 January 2010

Plop Art, or drops of water.

I am in a photo club here in Torquay that meets every 3 weeks, in a pub. Now 3 weeks ago I was in Manchester stuck in the snow so I missed the last meeting and didn't discover what the project for the meeting on Tuesday was until I got an email from the club organiser on Sunday reminding me of the meeting and to bring my example of plop art along. At first I assumed plop was a typing error and was about to email the boss to see if he meant pop art. But I thought, "I wonder what will come up if I Google 'plop art'." Which I did. And this is what came up; Plop art is a pejorative slang term for public art (usually large, abstract, modernist or contemporary sculpture) made for government or corporate plazas, spaces in front of office buildings, skyscraper atriums, parks, and other public venues. The term connotes that the work is unattractive or inappropriate to its surroundings - that is, it has been thoughtlessly "plopped" where it lies. (Thanks Wikipedia)

As I didn't really have time to find plop art as described above I went into my extensive library of photos and came up with what I thought was fairly unusual plop art and printed the photo of the hands taken in Sant Julia de Loria, Andorra. The hands are in the main square in front of the library and seem a perfect representation of plop art. I expected to win hands down. (Pun intended).

However it wasn't exactly what the head photographer was after. This is what he had meant by PLOP art. The sound a drop of water makes as it lands in a dish of water.

The next project is black & white photography, can't go wrong with that. I give it my best shot though.


Dave said...

Haven't heard of the term before but I guess it makes sense. - Dave

Totnes Photos onto Canvas said...

Nice Plop art though. How big is ther photo club

David said...

There are 10 or 12 of us but it is limited people at work.