Sunday, 24 January 2010

Police Harassment; Not Here in Torquay.

There is a group called Photographer not a terrorist. The fact that such a group exist is a result of how the fear of terrorism and the terrorists are effecting out lives. We all know that if we flight there will be security checks that will add to the time it takes to actually get on a plane in the first place. The determined inventive terrorist will get through all but the complete strip down search followed by a complete body X-Ray plus an item by item examination of the contents of all our luggage. Imagine standing in a queue while all that goes on in front of you. I hope you are of a patient disposition or quite happy to give up flying.

Anyway, back to the photographers group. Surely it is nothing to do with terrorism, taking photos of such land marks as St Paul's Cathedral or Piccadilly Circus or a bus spotter capturing a number 12 leaving Paignton Bus Station. Well the police in London seem to think it is and have of late been nasty to people wandering around the capital with cameras taking pictures, something people have been doing ever since cameras were invented. I am glad to say I have not heard of anyone at Paignton Bus Station, or anywhere else in the Bay, having any problems with Devon & Cornwall Police thinking a picture of Brixham Harbour will aid and abet a terrorist in his/her evil trade.

Well to day in Trafalgar Square (London, UK) the group held a protest at the harassment of photographers, good or bad, by police officers, security staff and others. I could not get there so I went out and joined in the mass photo taking, but here in Torquay instead of London. And the picture at the top of the page is what I took and no one seemed to care. Bit disappointing really.


Dave said...

What's the answer Dave? Allow terrorists or ban everyone? Tricky question I think? - Dave

NThorn said...

A friend of mine in Hull was stopped on Saturday. Requested a look through the photos AND ID... despite him only taking pictures outside of Hull Interchange of buses.

He didn't have ID and the officer reluctantly let him off.

It does seem pretty pathetic really I have to admit.

Like you say; no stories of it down here - yet!

Anonymous said...

It's simple. If you can't take photographs in public places, then the terrorists have won!

Lord Hutton said...

The police reaction is pathetic, and as said above the terrorists have won. The Fascist cabal in the Home Office need outing, and soon