Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Missed Photo Shot and Two Long Days

Last Sunday I went into work, as far as I knew plan A was in operation. When I got there I was told we were now on to Plan B.

Plan A was simple, I would do a half day tour to Teighnmouth and Dawlish, back to the hotel for lunch at 1pm then drive the guests up to Cullompton ( a 45 min trip) where I would meet a coach bringing more guest down from the West Midlands. We, the drivers would then swap coaches. and I would return to Torquay and be home for 4pm. Now I have been on the tour lots of times and decided not to take the camera.

Plan B was slightly more extended. The tour was still on as was lunch but I would then drive dead up to Walsall, stay the night and return on Monday morning with 55 new guests. As it didn't matter what time I got to Walsall I would have plenty of time to go home and get an overnight bag.

In Dawlish I told the passengers about the Black Swans and when we got there went to see them for my self. Swans can be aloof birds but today they were in a romantic mood as I watched them, neck rubbing and pecking went on for a few minutes before the male mounted the female and me without my camera to record the moment. Damn.

Back at the hotel Plan C was explained, the coach coming down was delayed for I was to take the guest back as soon as they had had their lunch. No time to get an overnight bag. Damn again.

Plan D was then explained. As the coach that first broke down a month ago had managed to break down again I would pick up the passengers in the West Midlands, take them to Torquay and then pick the guests who were still in Torquay waiting to go home and take them to Cullompton where a driver would be waiting to take them the rest of the way. He would have a mini bus which I would use to get back to Torquay. Then Plan E came along. Not Cullompton say the voice on the other end of the phone line, the driver needs a 45 minute break. Can you get as far as Bridgewater. Only an extra 45 miles. Things you do when an emergency turns up.

Problem is at the moment we seem to be lurching from one emergency to an other.

Watch this space for the next part in the story of my little part time job.


Lord Hutton said...

All sounds dodgier than your last employer

retired driver Peter said...

It seems to me that you must watch your working/driving hours carefully with this firm. it takes me back to the 50's and 60's before we had tachographs when a Saturday express service from Leicester to Morecambe (single manned) could start at 6am and finish at 8.30pm with an hour at the terminal anda half hour break in each direction -and then a note on your clock card on return 'there is no one to do the late night works run to A or B.

David said...

I do take a print out on any occasion where it looks like I may get near my max hours. So far I have managered to avoid going over my hours except once when I was 7 mins over due to heavy traffic on the motorway. But I take your point Peter