Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Who Said,"The customer is always right."

When you work in the hotel industry you have to be nice to the guests. That doesn't mean the guests have to be nice back. Mind you, some times, with coaches breaking down and not being fixed (too expensive?) the passenger have a right to be a bit upset. The other day we had passengers at the hotel who had been told the coach would arrive to take them home at 2pm. I finally arrived at 4:30 due to first a blunder, not mine and the a crash, also nothing to do with me except it was in front of me somewhere on the M5. When I got to the hotel I had to drag 50 cases off the coach and replace them with 50 more. Heavy work is not my favorate way to spend a wet and cold hour after having driven from the W.Midlands down the M5 with rain and side winds all the way down. By the time I had finished with the cases I must have looked a bit bedraggled, not to mention tired. An elderly woman guest looked at me and demanded to know who was driving the coach back. I explained that I was going part of the way and an other driver would take then the rest of the way. She then said," Well I hope we get a younger driver then." Before I could say anything nasty she stormed off. Which was lucky for her because at that moment I could have bitten her head off without even noticing. Sometimes I love this job but this wasn't one of those times.


retired driver Peter said...

Have you never thought of applying to Stagecoach for a job?

HKguy said...

Ouch. I guess you could have said you hoped for some younger passengers but the world is sometimes a bit strange that way. Hope the trip went OK.

Anonymous said...

I have the opposite problem in my job! I am a young driver, and when I arrive people look like they are thinking twice about getting in