Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Pope and Gordon Brown.

You might have noticed that there was absolutely no mention of the Foreign Office email that so upset all those people that have no sense of humour a few days ago. The Vatican hasn't declared war on the UK, Whitehall isn't covered by a plague of frogs, The Foreign Office it's self is still there, lightning from the heavens hasn’t blown it asunder. Clever ploy by our belovered leader to call that dear lady from Rochdale a ....... Well I am sure you know what he called her. Might have got the Vatican and the Bishop of Nottingham of his back but now half the newspapers in the country are after his blood. For what? OK. He did make a big mistake but so far no one seems to have mentioned what the big mistake was. And it wasn’t calling the lady from Rochdale a ...... .
If you sat in any bus driver’s or taxi driver’s canteen, any driving test centre while the pupils are out on their test, any hotel reception area after the customers have moved away and you will hear the same and even worse things being said. It is the same in any job that deals with the public. It’s been a hard day and the public are no longer in earshot and some, or even many hard working bus driver, shop keeper or prime minister will let of a little steam. If you work in any job and you haven’t made some derog comment hopefully far enough away from the boss’s ears then your name is Benedict 16
or was Gandhi.

So what was the big mistake that nice Mr Brown made. He didn’t switch the microphone off first. That’s all.

Don't forget to vote next week.