Sunday, 25 April 2010

Classic Bus Route

A new bus route is about to start in Torbay. It will run from Torbay Rd Paignton (that's the road that runs up from the Apollo to the railway station) then fallow the 12A route to Paignton Zoo. From the Zoo it will come down Penwill Way, some nice views there. At the bottom of Penwill Way it will turn right along Dartmouth Rd as far as Windy Corner where it will turn left and run down to Broadsands Beach. Handy if you don't have a car, it's a long walk down and a hard walk back up. The bus will then return to Windy Corner where it will turn left towards Brixham but then turn immediately right at the traffic lights onto the Ring Road (Brixham Rd) Then it will continue as far as Goodrington Rd where it will turn right along to Beverley Park holiday camp and then Drake Rd to service Holbourne Park. From there back onto Dartmouth Rd towards Torbay Rd, Paignton via the Big Tree and Whitstone Rd and Sands Rd and the Esplanade. The whole trip will take 42 mins and buses will leave Torbay Rd on the hour from 10am till 5pm (6pm from 29 May). Day tickets £4.00 adult and £2.50 child are available as are weekly and family tickets.

What is unusual about this bus service is it isn't being run by Stagecoach but by a company called Devonian Motor Services. Even more interesting is the buses DMS will be using. They will include an open top 1961 Leyland Atlantean, a 1956 Foden PVD6 back loader and a 1960 Leyland PD3. So if you just want to get down to Broadsands, always a nice place to go, or want a ride on a classic bus then be at the coach stop in Torbay Road, Paignton any day of the week on the hour between 10 am and 5 pm or at any bus stop on route and enjoy.

The 1956 Foden PVD6


Lord Hutton said...

Good luck to them. A circuitous way of getting around. Look out for the new 67 Brixham-Paignton-Torbay Hospital.

retireed driver Peter said...

DaveWhy don't you apply for a job? This seems more up your street than coach driving when you don't know in advance what you are doing. you could even help Stagecoach with your local knowledge by guiding visitors on to their services after you have shown them all the sights on this route.

David said...

I did think about it but I am too used to power steering and automatic gears. I wouldn't mind a drive round the route once though, Hint, hint.