Friday, 23 April 2010

St George

Today is the day we English celebrate St George's Day. Remember St George? He was the guy who changed the status of a much loved animal from endangered creature to extinct creature. Kind of fitting don't you think. The Irish have St Patrick who got rid of the snakes that were never there in the first place and the Scottish have St Andrew who like the absentee landlords who oversaw the clearances never went anywhere near the place. The Welsh have St David who lived all his life in Wales and was a good and saintly man who never covered up any sex scandals, unlike other not so good and not so saintly men we have all been reading about in the papers recently.

And what has Torbay Town Council done to celebrate the death of the last know dragon? Yes, you've guessed it in one. They have invited the Young Barbarians (sorry that should read Young Farmers) down for the week end for a quiet drink.

They are here to attend conferences and meetings that will bring them up to speed on the latest developments in farming methods that will equip them for their chosen career on the land with all those sheep milling around.

What they do end up doing if past visits by previous Young Farmers are any indication is get drunk, then get drunker, then get even more drunk before going out and getting seriously drunk. So if you are in Torquay this weekend have fun, take your video camera out with you because if you don't people back home will never believe you when you tell them how nice young farmers really can be when they put their minds to having a 'good' time.

While the shepherd's away the sheep can relax.


Lord Hutton said...

I told the ones we saw on the train where the Magistrates court is

retired driver Peter said...

Dave, with your local knowledge and liking to help visitors to your area I would think this seems more up your street than coach driving -why don't you apply for a job?

retired driver Peter said...

Sorry, this comment was made to the wrong blog it should of course have been to the one about the new vintage service