Friday, 11 June 2010

Police Line

On the way home from the Harbour I take a short cut through the car park. Normally all I have to dodge are cars trying to enter or leave the place. But today as I walk towards the exit I could see blue and white tape tied across the barrier at the exit. After the barrier is a bridge 20 metres long. At the other end of the bridge there was a similar blue and white length of tape blocking the entrance and preventing cars getting into the car park. Also a police office. Should I cross the police line or what? The or what part of the question involved a long walk round and a steep climb. Then I noticed an other way out of the car park, just for pedestrians, up a few steps and out a gate. So up the steps and out the gate. That was blocked by an other piece of tape but I was out of view of the member of Devon & Cornwall Constabuary so I stepped over it. However the young lady had seen me walking through the car park and now suddenly appearing outside the car park had put two and two together and said, "You can get arrested for crossing a police line." But she didn't arrest me, must be my lucky day.
The tape was there, she said, because a major incident had happened at 9:30 last night and there was one person dead. No other details were available but a look on the BBC Devon web site and I found that a man had been arrested after the body of a woman had been found below the car park entrance bridge.

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Anonymous said...

I was in a town once where a bomb scare had closed half of it off. I walked the long way round, to avoid the police tape clousure, only to find, when I got to the other end (which is a main road), the whole things had been taped off and I was behind the police line! Luckily, the houses end at that point and I managed to go through the bushes and by-pass the tape without anyone seeing me.