Sunday, 13 June 2010

Score More Goals Than the Other Team and You Win

I see all the newspapers are blaming the poor England goalkeeper for what was a lost 2 points. Well I missed both goals, the first not due to ITV and their little cock up on the timing of their commercial break but in my brief dash to the fridge for a can of beer. Then after 40 minutes of boredom a bit of light relief, the phone rang and while I was answering it the Americans scored. I don't watch much football these days but this is the World Cup after all. Two things disappointed me about the game. The first was that England didn't come out wearing a green and yellow strip to show their solidarity with a certain oil company that America loves to hate. (Who built the oil rig? Americans. Who passed the oil rig plans? Americans. Who supervised the work on the oil rig? Americans. Who uses all the oil? Americans. Who gets the blame? The goalkeeper.)

The second thing that disappointed was the fact that there was still 50 minutes of the game left to play. Why didn't England score a few more goals in that 50 minutes.

I've just watched Germany beat Australia four nil I would like to ask how come our team couldn't score as many goals against the USA. The similarity of experience between Australia and the USA and between Germany and England suggest that England should have won by a similar score and then a mistake by the goalkeeper would not have been so serious to our chances of getting through to the second round and would not have occupied so many column inches in today's newspapers.

Play better in the rest of the games or you will come home early is my message to the England team.

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Lord Hutton said...

And the rig is/was registered in the Marshall Islands. Where, I hear you ask? Those tiny remote islands hardly tax, and dont enforce safety regs. Plus the merkins werent even enforcing their own environmental regs. The whole thing is bent.