Saturday, 31 July 2010

Do Cats Go On Holiday?

This is ginger the cat. Handsome isn't he? Well on Monday evening he went out for a walk. Tuesday morning, no sign of him. Same Tuesday lunch, Tuesday afternoon, Tuesday tea time Tuesday evening and the same Tuesday night. Not really worried he has done this sort of thing before. But Wednesday came and went but with the same result as Tuesday. A look on the waste ground at the back of the garden produced nothing nor did asking those neighbours I saw. Thursday was the same, no Ginger anywhere. Could he have gone for good without a word. Not a chance because when I got up on Friday morning he was sat by his food bowl waiting for his breakfast. No a word as to where he had been. Where had he been? I mean he wasn't starving or anything, didn't look bedraggled and sorry for himself even though we had been worried sick by his disappearance. We are glad he is back, even Hector the other cat gave him a lick on the nose to say hello.


Anonymous said...

There's cats for you. He was probably wondering what the fuss was about...

cabbie said...

"Do cats go on holiday"
No, but they have been known to hop on the bus into town before.

PS: Asked for an application form, they said they're taking drivers with or without PCV. Thanks.