Sunday, 1 August 2010

Just an other average weekend

An other mad weekend, Saturday evening up to Walsall dead then on Sunday 4 pick ups in Stafford, Walsall, Dudley and Oldbury. Then down to Torquay with 17 passengers. Waiting for me in Torquay were 55 more passengers who were on their way home. The other driver was also there so he drove back to Wednesbury, where 4 minibuses were waiting to carry the passengers to their homes. However there should have been 5 minibuses but one driver had cried of at the last moment which meant there were 7 passengers wanting to go to Hinckley and Leicester. Guess who took them. So instead of finishing at 6:30 I finished at 9:15 after a mad dash along the M6 and the M69. Road works on the M6, which have been on going for months meant I go back to the hotel after the kitchen staff had gone home but the nice young lady behind the bar provided me with a phone number of the local Indian Take away. Twenty minutes late a very nice Chicken Ticka turned up which went down nicely, with a little help from a pint of Carling.

Tomorrow, Monday it's the same but without a spare driver and without the side trip to Leicester. Tuesday it's just a run from Walsall to Torquay dead (without passengers), Wednesday it's a day off (forecast is for rain all day Wednesday).

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