Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Pylons are us

Driving up and down the M5 can, eventually, get quite boring. Gradually one begins to notice little things that are adjacent to the road. Some big things as well. Last week I began to notice that in some places there were a lot of pylons. The kind that carry our electricity round the country. (I did say it was quite boring) I began to wonder if there were people who went round taking photos of them, were there different kinds of pylons, was there a pylon that had been designed by a noted pylon builder that every pylon enthusiast had to see before they died. I mean people take photos of steam trains and even buses. Why not pylons?

That was Friday. Saturday evening I was watching the BBC news quiz program "Have I Got News For You". The last round in this quiz program asks the teams to fill in missing words from the week's headlines. Some of these headlines come from your average newspaper but some are from a guest publication such as, "Well Diggers are Welcome" and “ The Coffin Makers Gazette.”
This week’s guest publication was, as you have probably guessed, “The Pylon Appreciation Society” Click here for a link to their web page.

And here is a photo I took earlier.

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newrose said...

Your imagination is the limit. I am sure huge amount of expense and effort must have gone into designing pylons. God know how many different type of pylons had been designed previously and how slow was progress to reach current design.