Tuesday, 6 July 2010

More from the M5

Monday afternoon I took a small number of guests up to Frankley services on the M5. There I was met by a couple of our luxury minibuses ready and waiting to take my passengers on to their various destinations. It was a bit of a hard trip due to the strong cross wind. Driving across the Somerset Levels was the worst but the wind continued to be strong and blustery. As I was heading north, just before junction 11A when I was going past a group of HGVs I noticed a few brake lights come on, then smoke drifting across the carriageway.

A quick glance to the right and I could see where the smoke was coming from. Right underneath a bridge was a burning car. The whole of the front end was engulfed in flames. The traffic heading south was moving out into the 3rd lane to get as far away from it as possible. I was past it and a long way away before a thought occurred to me, 'What would happen if the petrol tank exploded?"

An hour later I was passing the spot on my way home and the bridge was still standing though the car had gone leaving a big black mark on the hard shoulder. Highway maintenance men were there clearing away any debris.

A bit later I stopped at Taunton Dean Services for a rest and took the photo of the steam engine that was parked there on a low loader. I wonder why it didn't make it own way to it's destination, under it's own steam as it were.


Anonymous said...

Said steam loco on it's way to the south devon railway at buckfastleigh for there 1940's weekend, from it hame base of Didcot, then reason for the low-loader movement is that it is cheaper and easier by road!!!, I know that seems silly, but it's true, what a world we live in. Keep up the excellent work on your website Dave, Steve

Ex DG said...

See this web site for more information


Lord Hutton said...

err it was built in 1917 and went to France for WW1. Somebody has their wires crossed!