Thursday, 22 July 2010

Slight Disappointment

A couple of weeks ago I was down on the Strand. There I noticed a controller driving a bus. This could mean that a couple of drivers had both rung in sick at short notice or a driver had gone sick on duty. The 3rd alternative, and the one that interested me the most was the possibility that Stagecoach were short of drivers. It does happen from time to time. So I had word with a passing controller who did tell me that there were a few gaps here and there. So the next day I went down to the depot and filled in an application from. What had I got to lose?

I spoke to the depot manager and arranged for an interview the next day, a Thursday. The interview went well, mostly. There was a short 5 second pause at one point. At the end of the interview I was told a letter would arrive telling me yes or no in a week or 10 days.

On the way home on the bus I was at first mildly optimistic but by the time I was all the way home this feeling had changed slightly as I considered all the pros and cons of the situation. Had I been a betting man I would have considered gambling a fiver against me being successful.

A week went by and no letter, no news is good news people say. Not sure why. Friday and Saturday and Monday all passed without the postman bring the awaited missive. Then on Tuesday it arrived.

I should have had that bet, at least I would have been 5 quid up on the deal.


Ex DG said...

I noticed white shirts out driving the other day as well.
It was worth a try Dave!
Are you still coaching?

Dave from Barwell said...

It's quite incredible and I'm sorry to hear of your rejection letter, Dave.

In Devon General days, each summer always saw an influx of drivers and conductors from all over the country for temporary additional cover.

But if I remember well, it was some management 'sonny boy' who saw you take a picture when you were stationary in a traffic jam with the handbrake engaged and then 'turned you in'.

Hardly a hanging offence but obviously a black mark for ever, it seems.

Or, given your following on this blog, could it be that you're seen as a risk to the company and that you may blow the gaffe sometime?

As a journalist, I'm being given the cold shoulder at the moment by one organisation which is desparate to cover up an on-going story.

Those who occasionally 'rock the boat' are viewed with fear and trepidation, believe me!

Good luck with finding some gainful work elsewhere.

ex DG said...

You're right the influx of "Students" each summer was a feature of DG for many years- services couldn't have run without them. Mind you DG did increase services in the summer far more than is done today, and they were used. Can remember carrying 1000 plus passengers in a shift on the circle route, up 55 down 50 (Strand to St Marychurch and return)

Anonymous said...

Stupid in my opinion Dave.
Very sorry to hear the result... they were wrong to get rid of you in the first place!

It's even more a shame considering that you have proven from postings previously, you're definitely meant to be a bus driver!

retired driver Peter said...

As I said on June 26th, you are a 'bus' driver and at heart not a coachman. It is a great pity that you live in an area monopolised by one group as I am sure we should still be reading'blogs' about daily happenings on the buses if employment was available with another companyor group. it seems shortsighted that your previous managers hold grudges like they seemingly do. maybe one day!

cabbie said...

I'm in need of secure work right now. Maybe I'll try them?

Work on the cabs has dried right out. I'm on 10-15 calls per day in a 12 hour shift.

Trouble is the website says there are no driver positions available?