Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Left to Rot

This little boat sits in Torquay's inner harbour, ringed with seaweed, neglected and lonely. Each time I walk past it seems a little lower in the water. It would appear to be sinking slowly, day by day. One day soon I will walk past and it will have slipped gently beneath the surface, gone and forgotten.

Or maybe the Harbour Master will notice and remove from the water before that happens. There is a phone number you can ring to report cars that have been abandoned, is there, does anyone know, a similar number for abandoned boats?


The top photo was taken June 6 and the bottom photo July 11. If there is a development I will let you know.


Lord Hutton said...

Call the harbourmaster, Dave. They'll know about it

Anonymous said...

With the storm currently raging I wouldn't be surprised if it is gone by Friday morning!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Stagecoach fast ferry taking a dive.

David said...

I'm not going to call the Harbour Master as I am waiting for it to get lower and lower in the water so I can watch it sink over the coming weeks. In any case the Harbour Master should be looking out for this sort of thing for himself.