Sunday, 8 August 2010

Ginger and the Administrator

An other week gone by, been out in the coach on trips to Plymouth, Brixham and Dartmouth with 40 odd people. When I say old I mean about 40 people, not that the people were odd. Well not too odd any way. When I go to Dartmouth I usually take a book to read while my coach party is taking in the sights and wondering how the locals manage when beer is over 3 quid a pint. Yesterday I got to the coach park and there was only one coach parked up. The drivers said hello and then talked like he had been stranded on a desert island for the last 20 years. I never got to read my book. While in Plymouth I wandered up to the Comet store. I recently acquired a Comet gift voucher and decided to have a look round to see if there was anything I fancied, I figured as Plymouth was much larger than Torquay there would be more on offer. Sad mistake. The Plymouth Comet would fit in The Torquay Comet several times over so I ended up coming away empty handed.

Back home that evening I discovered that Ginger had gone on walkabout again. Last time he was away for 4 days before returning. We were getting quite worried. Now our back garden has a wall about 5 feet high all round it but we removed the gate so the cats, both getting on in years could get out into the wild ground at the back. Ginger struggles the get up onto the sofa of an evening so we figured a 5 foot wall would keep him in so I put the back gate back, hopefully turning the garden into a cat Colditz. When he vanished the 2nd time we checked the house, no sign, the shed, no sign, the garden, no sign. Looks like his plucky efforts to climb onto the sofa are all an act. Still he turned up a couple of days later without any explanation as to where he had been. He is beginning to treat the house like a hotel. Still likes his food though.

What else has happened this week? Not a lot except that when I went into the hotel on Tuesday lunch there was a strange lady in the office. When I say strange I don't mean she was wearing black leather clothing and 6 inch stiletto heels and carrying an assortment of whips. I mean I had never seen her before, Apparently she works for a firm of administrators and wasn't here on a social visit. She was here to crack a whip even though she didn't have one on show. To cut a long story very short the company is in administration and we can't even nip out and get a box of matches without her say so. She did stress that for the time being every thing would continue as normal except for the problem buying matches. She did say wages would be paid on time and in full. I get paid into the bank on Thursday so at 1 minute past midnight Thursday morning I opened my online bank account and guess what? Wrong, I had been paid. Lets see what happens each Thursday from now on. I am hoping someone comes along and makes a reasonable offer for the company some time in the next few months or even weeks because I can't see this situation dragging on long into next year.

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Dave from Barwell said...

Dave, you've forgotten that it's dogs that have masters. Cats have servants!

It's good to hear that you've been paid; not always the case when administrators take over the running of a company.