Friday, 27 August 2010

I'd like to know; one way or the other.

It's been a week now since I sent out an enquiry about a job I heard about coach driving and no response. It was by email which is how the coach firm wanted it but I am disappointed they haven't emailed me back, even if just to say sod off. I could understand it if it was by Royal Mail and hundreds of people a week sent them letters asking if the had a vacancy, the time to type all those letters and put them in an envelope, the cost of all those stamps and then take them down to the post box. But with email all you have to do if hit the reply button, type sorry, "no jobs going at the moment" and hit send. This lack of replies to job applications is probably the worst part of applying for a job. You're one of the unemployed, a scrounger of the State, you don't count, you aren't worthy of respect.


igb56 said...

From Ian Brown
I`m retired and hold a 60+ bus pass.My new hobby is riding around on buses. I reckon it`s one of the most stressful occupations - traffic, passengers, mechanical trouble, long and unsociable3 hours. Who do you work for?
I met a Stagecoach driver who drove 43 miles to work at 11pm on 4 nights a week. He then did 2 return trips to London and back home 43 miles at about 11am. He`d be better off stacking shelves at Tesco. Your comments.

newbie said...

I have full sympathy with you and it is very frustrating when this situation arises. I think the only loss to the company could be their reputation, so had you put that company's name on the blog few few people would have found out that this is not reputable company. So this way they may decide to improve their service.

retired driver Peter said...

I suppose that at this time of year coach companies are winding down for the winter season, but don't despair I am sure someone somewhere will make you an offer, even if it is only delivering for Tesco (or one of their competitors) or collecting prescriptions and delivering medicines for a local chemist branch. The important thing is to keep your self respect and maintain contact with people.

newrose said...

not fair.