Friday, 20 August 2010

Back Home

After a few days up in Manchester I am back in Torquay, today, my first full day home and what does it do? I spends all day drizzling. I didn't go out the front door once. Instead I spent the day look at jobseeker sites and touching up, sorry, meant to say updating my CV just in case there was a job that caught my fancy. There is something there but until I get a response either way I'm saying nothing.

Something that came up in the local Torquay paper yet again was a call to ban buses from Fleet Street. I used to be dead against that idea back in the good old days when I drove a bus several times a day up and down Fleet St. Now I no longer drive a bus in Fleet St, either up or down I still thing the idea is crazy. It would be nice if there were no buses, just pedestrians but there simply isn't anywhere else to go so please stop suggesting the idea unless you have several million to donate towards the building of an underpass between the Post Office Roundabout and the Harbour.

Mind you, if a bus did this then it will strengthen the case for getting shut of the buses.

PS. Did a bus do this anyone know?


cabbie j said...

That proposal is a completely stupid idea dreamt up by the BMW-driving BID leaders.

The system is fine as it is. As far as I can see, its a silly, self-serving proposal brought forwards by people who don't quite understand how much trade the bus routes through there bring.

If there is anything to be done, the street needs to be redesigned in a manner more like Exeter's. Those bollards must be a nightmare to try and dodge with a bus, especially with pedestrians with tunnel vision meandering about everywhere.

Ex DG said...

I've been saying for a long time that there should be defined "roadway" at a different level to the pedestrians, as cabbie j says like Exeter.
It is totally impractical to expect buses to go any other way- there is no real suitable alternative route.
The mistake was made when Fleet Walk was built- there should have been a relief road around the back of the complex on the line of the old Swan Street,

newbie said...
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David said...

There is a plan,which has been around for a few years, to rebuild Fleet St in the style of Exeter High St with all the clutter (plant pots) removed and a roadway for the buses. It will cost £3 million which Torbay hasn't got. They have asked Central Government for the money but the only thing coming out of Whitehall at the moment is the sound of muffled laughter.

David said...

Sorry newbie but I don't allow your type of comment.


newbie said...

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