Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Lord Mayor of Manchester

So there I was with plenty of time on my hands and a bus pass in my pocket. A trip down into Manchester on the 135 Firstbus beckoned. So my sister in law and I rode on a bus, it was only her 2nd trip on a bus in years, I am not sure if she will be making this methord of travel her number one travel mode. After the bus ride we walked down Deansgate and decided to go into the John Rylands Library for a quick look round. We had arrived a couple of minutes before opening time but as we waited the Lord Mayor walked out of the library. Never one to miss taking a photo I pointed my camera at his lordship. One of his assistants noticed and drew the mayors attention to my camera. He instantly went into 'I am a politician and someone is pointing a camera at me' mode and stood to attention. So instead of getting an informal photo of the mayor leaving the building I got this. Good isn't it.

My sister in law meanwhile was hiding behind one of the book shelves hoping not to be noticed and muttering 'I'm not with him' over and over again.


newbie said...

Hey you can not blame his lord ship, he does not want to miss any oppotunity to promote himself.

newbie said...

I bet politicians play games at home as well.