Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bonded Coach Holidays

If you are concerned that you or someone you know has paid for a holiday with McColl's at either The Sherwood in Torquay or at Dunoon then here is what I hope will be helpful information.

On the still active McColl's Hotels web page there is a section which gives 10 reasons to book with McColl's. One of the reasons given is the holiday is protected by the Bonded Coach Holiday scheme. I can also remember reading in, I think, either the Dunoon Observer or the Argyll News that McColl's were covered by the BCH.

To contact BCH either click on the above link or by phone on 0207 240 31 31.


David said...

I gave BCH a phone call this morning to check McColl's were on theit list. They are so either they will get in touch with customers soon or you can contact them yourselves.


In Coach and Bus Week (the Trade magazine) yesterday there were two statements, one from thr receiver for Dawlish Coaches which said that because the management had exhausted all their own money in trying to save the company there was nothing left and no chance of a rescue. as far as McColls were concerned their receiver seems to be very hopeful that a rescue can be effected and a buyer found.
so Dave , perhaps all is not lost.

newbie said...

Excellent post to help people.I assume these ten reasons are probably given to customer who booked their at the time of booking.

newbie said...

Credit to for bring it into open

Torquay holidays said...

Very helpful post. Keep helping customers at your best.