Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Duck Pond, Hollacombe.

I mentioned the state of the duck pond at Hollacombe gas works recently, lack of water, no ducks. I haven't been that way for a few weeks and only noticed when I went to have a look at the new library in Paignton. Anyway a reader of the blog saw the item and sent me a copy of emails he had been sending the council regarding the lack of water and the likely fate of the few fish that were surviving in the rapidly evaporating water. The first 2 emails were sent in July to the council without reply. A third email received a reply but all that did was pass the problem on to someone who was on holiday. Meanwhile the ducks were homeless and the fish were heading for extinction, ( seagull food).
A four email headed for the council computer trying to prod someone into doing something. They did, the deputy mayor said he would bring the matter to the attention of the person (above) who had just played pass the parcel with the pond. Then a week later came the email from the parks department which stated there was nothing the council could do about the lack of water which was due to the 'dry' weather we had during July and August. Parks did say they had been down and see if there were any uneaten fish that could be moved elsewhere but couldn't find any.
I started this item saying I hadn't noticed the lack of water in the pond until last week as I haven't been that way for a few months. But in the past I used to go that way every day. In the last 11 years I must have been by thousands of times and even in the driest of weather I have never notice the water level so low which makes me think the problem is there is a leak in the pond. Fixing such a problem is not going to be easy and given the current financial state of affairs it could end up beyond the Park Department's budget and we end up loosing the duck pond. Which is a shame for those who visit the park regularly. And for the ducks.

In case you are wondering what happened to the ducks, some of then are living on the nearby beach and can here be seen drinking from the stream which is supposed to keep the duck pond full of water.
No sign of it drying up thank goodness or they would have no where to get a drink.


retired driver Peter said...

There is a pond (actually called 'the paddling pool' in the grounds of Nottingham University. It did atsome time in the dim and distant sometimes have a few feathered friends although most of them preferred the much larger Highfield Lake a short waddle away. The primary purpose of this was as a paddling pool for children but some msny years ago. -long before my retirement which in itself seems a long time ago this pond died up and has since been a just a below ground level patch of concrete. Today the onboard bus announcement say the the paddling pool although no child -or adult has been able to paddle there since way before such announcements were introduced.
Recently I notice a bit of wire has been put up as sort of fence. perhaps at long last it is going to be reinstated or maybe filled in.The point being that ponds do not seem to be a very high priority for local authorities , so be patient and maybe in 10 years or so.....

newbie said...

Thanks for sharing your views.

newbie said...

Thanks for sharing

Nicole Martin said...

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