Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Paignton Library

This is Paignton Library and Information Centre opened yesterday. I went along to have a look. Nice bright building with a coffee bar, Connections office so you can claim your benefits or pay your council tax, computers and various conference rooms and learning centres. The old library was in a small shed like building and this place is ten times as big.
So it should have ten times the number of books; right? Sorry the number of books has increased by 20%. Oh yes, if you want to read a newspaper you have to go upstairs and there isn't a litter bin in sight either in side or out. So where do smokers dump their fag ends before entering the building?
To completely change the subject:-
Click here if you don't want an other copy Yellow Pages to end up on your door step. Mine makes the short journey to the paper recycling box and probably gets recycled into next years Yellow Pages. A reader, thanks Central user, sent me this link which will stop not only Yellow Pages but various other items of unwanted junk ending up being shoved through the letter box and then carried out to the recycling bin to repeat the journey, probably for ever.
Spread the word, if enough people opt out of junk mail it might extend the life of the planet by years.

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