Monday, 6 September 2010

An Ideas Please

I have an Acer netbook and this is a photo of a folder open on the screen.
Down in the bottom right hand corner of the folder is a square with a circle in side it. It first appeared a few days ago and I have no idea what it is or where it has come from. It doesn't seem to do anything. I ran a scan just to be on the safe side but that showed nothing untoward was trying to wreck my computer. Also, each time I start the netbook a notepad page appears on the desktop titled "Debug." When I open it it is empty.
It is running on Windows XP as is my main computer which has nothing like it on any of it's folders.
If there is anyone out there who knows what these are could you please enlighten me.


newbie said...

You could try opening task manager by selecting ctrl-Alt and then Delete,
Select currnt applications and see if another programme is running.
If there is another application running, select end this application and see if it makes any difference and it should also give you application name.
Once you know which application is represented by this icon, you can remove this programme if you do not want it.

Anonymous said...

Open the folder, click on view, folder options, customize this folder. Click on the drop down bar at the to where it asks what kind of folder do you want? Change from Photos to Documents and the icon will go away. Change it back and see what else is different.

No idea what the debug is, sorry.

Whizzed said...

Right click on the task bar for the task manager and tick task manager no need for Ctrl Alt use trial and error then until it could try the view method that was suggested just try it we all get glitches and this does not seem serious

Cabbie J said...

That square with a circle is supposed to be an illustration of a beach ball on a polaroid. It is just for decorative purposes in the My Pictures folder.
(Perhaps above commenters thought you meant the system tray, in the bottom right of the *screen*?)

David said...

Thanks all, I have sorted out what it is and how to get rid.