Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Recycling in Torbay. Will it Work?

The new recycling system started in Torbay this week. If you look at today's Herald Express there is a head line, "Thousands ring hotline". People haven't had their rubbish and recyclable items taken away. We have gone from putting all our rubbish into black sacks, putting the black sacks into a seagull proof bag and placing said bag on the pavement every Thursday evening, when we remember, to putting glass, paper, tins, plastic bottles, aerosols, textiles and cardboard into the right box (there are two boxes) plus all food waste in an other box. Anything left goes in the black bin liner and then in the seagull proof bag. The idea is that we have done some of the sorting out and now the bin men will sort out some more by putting the right recyclables into compartments in a BIG brand new dustbin cart. While they are doing this sorting out, all done to save the world by the way, there is a bit of a traffic jam of cars (all with their engines running) building up behind them.

Well all I can say, because my diner is on the table going cold is "Give it time." But more later.


john said...

Give it time indeed, once people have got used to it you will wonder what all the initial fuss was about. That is great that they are doing this, though it is worth checking that everything will be recycled, as i have heard of some local authorities sending all their recycling to landfill!

Cabbie J said...

Don't forget the binmen are still getting used to this new system, just like us.
I put out some stuff I shouldn't have the other day and they were good enough just to leave those items out instead of refusing the entire collection.