Friday, 8 October 2010

Is this graffiti, Art or Banksy

YesterdayI saw this painted on the wall of the Grovener Hotel in Belgrave Rd.

I know it has wasn't there 3 weeks ago which was the last time I went down Belgrave Rd and I don't know who painted it. Was it Banksy, it looks like his style?

I wonder how long it will last.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the film 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'? It's excellent, all about street art and Banksy.

Herald Express reader said...

Was he in the area?:

David Banks said...

The photo was taken on the 8th Oct though I first saw it on the 7th. Before that I had been down Belgrave Rd on the first and the picture wasn't there then. According to the Herald Express Banksy was in Town on the 9th so it could be his work.

shell shock said...
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