Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Rock Walk after Dark

Must try harder, a lot harder.
The first photo was taken from the top of the cliff looking towards Tor Abbey Gardens and the Grand Hotel. That isn't too bad. But the second photo was taken from street level and I really tried to show the lights off but it was just about the best shot I could get no matter how hard I tried.
I am certainly not going to travel to Brixham to see if His Holiness, the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Chris Lewis's claim that Rock Walk would be visable from that far flung corner of Torbay.
A bank of coloured flood lights are needed to restore the cliff face to it's former night time glory. The third photo shows that some effort has been made but that is it. Three lights. All white. The sum total of all the flood lights lights illuminating the cliff face. Not exactly overwhelming is it? 
Torbay can be seen from space but I don't think Rock Walk can.

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