Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A couple of photos taken in Fleet St

These are the two new Enviro 400s that Stagecoach are running, for the time being, on the 12 route. They were ment to be on the 32 route but apparently a risk assesment was carried out and there were a couple of issues concerning tree branches and curb stones. Once they are sorted I should imagine they will start running between Marychurch and the Willows. I haven't ridden on either of these two buses but I did, to my regret take a ride on a number 2 between Teignmouth and Newton Abbot a few months ago. I found the passenger seats very hard, almost painfully so. Maybe the problem has been sorted with these two.


Anonymous said...

Do you happen know what the significant difference is between these new ones and 04 registrered deckers that already appear quite frequently on the 32 and have done for some considerable time without any problem?

Ex DG said...

Saw one on the Strand today. Don't like the Environs, not comfortable seats,ever sat on the high ones over the rear wheel arch? virtually no padding at all, heating is rubbish. Not really passenger friendly.

David said...

I am not sure what the problem is but I think the 400s are about 2 feet longer than the deckers used on the 32 at the moment. I will ask around. Ex DG, I agree about the hard seats. I will try and take a ride on one soon and find out more.

Cabbie J said...

Bus length is something you specify at time of order, and they come in standard sizes.

9.9m, 10.5m, 10.6m, 11.4m
Enviro 400:
10.1m/10.2m/10.5m, 10.8m/10.9m

The Enviros, being newer, will have harder seats in response to consumer (i.e. bus company) demand to be resistant to vandalism.

Do we know where these Enviros have come from? There was talk a few years back the 12 would get some Enviro 400's cascaded from Manchester, but I expect all of those ended up at Exeter

Cabbie J said...

Never mind, just noticed the one you photographed is 60 plate. Stagey are feeling generous it seems.