Monday, 10 January 2011

Football Result and George, the wimp Osborne

Please note, bewarned this post contains a swear word. But it is about George Osborne so that makes it alright, almost.

This evening Crawley Town, a team in the Blue Star Premier League defeated Derby County, a team in the Champions League in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. In case you aren't too familiar with the exact nature of English football it means a team in what is in effect the fifth rank of English football beat a team in the 2nd rank. What that means to us here in Torquay is our football team( in the 4th rank ) play Crawley Town at home on Jan 29. It also means the Torquay United have a very good chance of making it to the 5th of the most well know knockout competition in domestic football for the first time ever. If we win that game we are only two games away from appearing at Wembley in the Cup Final. So where do you expect I will be on Saturday Jan 29 at 3 o'clock? Got it in one. I'll be in Tasmania on holiday, that's where.

And remember George Osborne a year ago when he was Shadow Chancellor saying how the moment he came to power he would do something about the obscenely huge bonuses Banks were paying out. Well he's done it. He's done that something. He walked up to the door of the nearest bank to the Houses of Parliament and hammered on the door shouting,"Open up in the name of the Government." When the door was opened half an inch he politely asked, "Please don't pay big bonuses, I'll look bad."

"We'll think about it", was the reply. "Now go away, your letting the cold in".

The door was then shut in his face. And despite this polite request you can guess what are the banks going to do? They're going to ignore him completely and pay out extremely obscenely huge bonuses because they know there is shit all he can do about it.

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