Monday, 14 March 2011

Someone Loves William

The William in question is William of Orange aka William Three, King of England. He was the leader of the last successful invasion of England by a foreigner. Oh I know the history books say that was in 1066 and it was William One in charge but the 3rd William turned up in Brixham in 1688 with 15 thousand heavily armed men and took the English Crown. If that isn't a successful foreign (William was Dutch and so foreign) invasion I don't know what is.

Anyway to commemorate William landing in our very own Brixham there is a statue there on the harbour side. This Statue. To which someone has kindly placed a scarf round his neck. It's been very cold lately. It's almost the right colour as well.

One thing I didn't notice when I took the photo is the label tied to one end of the scarf. I must have a look what is on it next time I get to Brixham.

The other photo is about a forthcoming Walk For Life event. Since I stopped working I have done a lot more walking than I used to and I can now walk at least a mile before having to nip in a near by pub for a sit down and a rest, OK a pint as well. Walking is good for you and this seems like a good idea to meet a few people as well. Hollacombe is on the 12 route between the Gas Works and Preston. If I am not doing anything else I will get along myself.


Dave said...

Yep, enjoy your walking David. I do when I can and the day isn't too hot. That scarf, nice that someone is looking after old William! - Dave

Anonymous said...

''Treason does never prosper, for if it does, non dare call it treason.'' Quote from someone cleverer than me. Richard the bus.