Saturday, 12 March 2011

Trivia from Torquay

A couple of photos from Torquay, trivial stuff when you consider the terrible things going on around the world but anything I might say about Libya and Japan has already been said.

First is Fleet Street, our very own bus infested perdestrianised street. The road surface, put down 22 years ago has lost it's battle with the double deckers. Too many blocks were having to be repaired so the council decided to spend £70 000 and dig the blocks up from the centre of the roadway and replace with red tarmac. The bus stops were left alone, almost cirtainly for a future appointment with the road crew.

The second photo is a little annoying. The Oak Tree is 600 years old and needs some care and attention. Not the kind of attention from the yobs who fixed this sign proclaiming it is Tiverton Squash Club together with the word BOO! and an odd drawing underneath the sign. Now I am sure the Tiverton Squash Club committee didn't pass a motion authorising one or more of their members to travel down to Torquay to hammer nails into this old and venerable tree that has been growing here on Torre Abbey Gardens since Henry IV was a small boy dreaming of how to get his cousin off the throne. At least I hope they didn't.

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