Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Candidates Web Pages

I mentioned a few days ago that I was having difficulty finding various candidates web page. Some one has sent me a link to the web page of Martin Brook after I said I could not find one. Here is the link, martinbrook.info . I spent less than minute there, I have to admit I find web pages that wander about and have shooting stars all over the place a 100% put off. I couldn't care what the message is if I find it that hard to read. Nick Bye at nickbye.co.uk is better but still too cluttered. Just too many photos on the opening page and too little content, but what would you expect from Nick. Susie Colley is here, her web site is unbalanced with part of one page intruding and obscuring other pages. If you are going to publish something it is a good idea to read it first. susiecooeyindependant That's it for web pages. I can't set up web pages, I don't have the expertise but I know a decent web page when I see one. Shame I didn't see one.

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