Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Torbay Loses an Other Duck Pond

This is me a few days ago enjoying the beautiful spring weather presently griping Torquay. And most other places I have to admit. I am actually standing in the duck pond in Torr Abbey Gardens, right in the centre and I'm not getting my feet wet. Neither are the ducks for all I know because they have long since flown. The parks department haven't drained the duck pond with the idea of cleaning it. No, the water just slowly vanished before our very eyes never to be seen again. The police are baffled, sorry, that should read the Parks Department are baffled but they are looking into the matter. They aren't looking for the actual water, just the villain who made off with it. Some low life hole in the ground. Situated somewhere in the duck pond. It's not as though it's the first case of it's kind round here, no Torbay is getting quiet notorious for it. Only last year and two miles down the road the Gas Works Duck Pond also vanished, as did the ducks but it is believed they flew of on their own looking for a new pond.

Now as far as I know there is only one duck pond left in the nearby area, if that one goes then it is probable that fresh duck will be off the menu this coming Christmas.

PS. If you quack, sorry click on the label "Duck Pond" below it will take you to the other duck pond story. DCB

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John said...

Perhaps the council could try something like this instead?