Monday, 16 May 2011

Sofa Gone

The sofa has gone. Went this morning on a TOR2 truck and no, I never got through on the phone. I have had a look at my phone bill and it cost me about 2 quid listening to god awful music and an answering machine telling me how important my call was to the people I was trying to contact. Not so important that they could go out and get a few more people to answer the bloody telephone. In the bad old days when you rang someone like the council or the bank, if the phone was busy you got the engaged tone and you hung up and tried later. This didn't cost anything no matter how many time you tried. Now you get put through and have to listen to the music and are actually paying for the privilege of sitting there gradually losing the will to live. In the end I sent an email and got a reply in about ten minutes which told me that Monday and Thursday were collection days in my area of Torquay so I emailed right back and said Monday would be fine. Fifteen minutes later and email informed me that the sofa would be gone on Monday. The whole email transaction took less time than hanging on to the phone being told I was important. What would have happen if I wasn't a computer user. Would I have spent thousands trying to get through on the phone or probably have just wait till the street lights go out (they are some time this month) and drag the bloody thing round the corner under cover of pitch darkness.


Malcolm Loades said...

You didn't mention having to pay - is it free in Torquay? My council charge to collect anything which doesn't fit into a wheelie bin with a closed lid!

David said...

£13.00 which is like asking people to dump their old sofas in the next street one dark night. A few years ago when I got them to take an old fridge away it was only £8.