Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Problems with Trucks

Couple of parking problems today. First time I drove up Torbay Rd at about 10 to ten the service 50 bus was on the stop but could not get to the front of the stop because some white van had encroached in to the bus stop by a couple feet. To make matters worse there was a big truck double parked on the right hand side of the road across from the bus stop. If I tried to get on the stop I would block Torbay Rd, not the busiest road in Paignton but probably number two. So I stopped short and didn't hold up all those rushing motorists. When the 50 moved away I Pulled forward and picked up a few passengers that were waiting patiently for the trip round Beautiful Paignton. 45 Minutes later when I got back there was a truck parked on the bus stop, more parking in the roadway, getting to be a habit. next time round I made it onto the bus stop no problem and then 5 seconds later an other truck parked in the roadway right next to me. As there were two vans in the loading bay in front of me I was effectively blocked in. Before I could draw breath and think of something nasty to say the truck driver stuck his head in the door and said he would be gone in two minutes, and he was.

The rest of the day went quite well despite the continuing problems at Tweenaway Cross. The road works there are due to end sometime in June and we are all hoping this estimate by the council is accurate.

The photo is of the new bus service run by Country Bus Services, the 149. It started running between Torquay and Totnes via Maldon and Berry Pomeroy when Stagecoach withdrew the 111 service. It's not as frequent as the 111 and doesn't run all the way to Dartmouth, FirstBus seem to have cornered that market. This bus set off empty.

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