Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Vote, who me?

It's 11:00 on Wednesday evening. Which means in 8 hours the voting starts. Here in Torbay we have 3 elections tomorrow, actually it's two elections and a referendum. The elections are for the local council and for our elected mayor. The referendum is for or against the alternative vote which I believe to be a pale and ineffectual cover up for a proper vote on proportional representation which is why I have vote NO. Get it right or don't bother.


Now I have lived through lots of elections, local and parliamentary and one referendum (should we stay in the EEC) and this has got to be the quietest election ever. So far we have had no door to door canvassers and only one election pamphlet pushed through the door and that looked like it was written by a 7 year old child who had just discovered there is life outside the Wendy House. Driving round I have only seen a couple of posters with vote for me on then stuck in someone's front garden. With our politicians showing this kind of interest it isn't really surprising that we, the voters show even less.


It will be interesting to see what the turn out is tomorrow. And before you ask I have already voted. Postal votes are wonderful, saves all that walking down to the polling station and getting by the party members who want to know if you voted for their man/woman. If you want to get a postal vote in future elections you have only to for fill one condition. And that condition is that you want a postal vote so why not apply for a postal vote now, saves the rush to go and vote at the last minute and maybe miss voting due to the crowds waiting like you to vote. Go for it.  


DG875 said...

Must agree, the total lack of leafleting, lack of door-stepping candidates, lack of posters and advertising is really noticeable this year.
Definitely a NO from me for AV.
Now who the heck to vote for for Mayor? Only one certainty- not the present incumbent. Hopefully Bye - Bye Mr Bye.

Anonymous said...

Nick Bye will walk it