Friday, 6 May 2011

The Weather Will Get Better by Sunday.

I was on the Cockington Clipper today instead of the open top. Started by running out to Galmpton, just past Windy Corner off the Brixham Rd. Picked up a good number in the village for Paignton. Bit tricky getting round to day as there were quiet a few parked cars near the village school which was acting as a Polling Station.Back in Paignton a couple came up and asked if they could use their concessionary bus passes. I asked if they were issued in England and they said yes so I said yes so they decided to travel with me and have a look at Cockington. On the Paignton Sea front several other people, visitors, boarded the bus and asked the same question regarding their passes. If its a bus service and it is after 9:30 or any time Saturday and Sunday then the passes are acceptable.

Talking of bus passes I read an item in The Evening Times , Scotland's top selling evening paper that a bus firm in Scotland will no long accept bus passes and everyone has to pay. I didn't know bus companies could do that, or maybe they have different rules in Scotland.

Anyway back to Paignton Sea Front and an almost full seated load of visitors heading for a few hours wandering round Cockington (mentioned in the Doomsday Book). It wasn't exactly sunny when they all got on but didn't look to nasty. However by the time I made to Cockington the heavens had opened. Sorry but we seem to have been catching some really cold and damp weather at the moment while the rest of the country isn't doing too bad. It did clear up later, that is it stopped raining but is has been disappointing after the glorious weather we had over Easter. Never mind the 5 day forecast shows it is going to get better. If it doesn't the who ever was elected mayor today will get a strong letter from me asking him/her what he/she intends to do about it. Nick Bye will win. (I do like sticking my neck out from time to time.)

After work the boss asked me if I could work on Sunday instead of Saturday and I agreed, no problem. Then I remembered that this Sunday is Race for Life Day here in Torbay and the route of the race and the 500 meet in a couple of places. Could be a few minor problems come Sunday but I expect I be able to get through alright; I hope.

Still no sign of any water in the Duck Pond in Torre Abbey gardens, nor any duck for that matter.

And finally, if you had problems coming out of Paignton towards Brixham this evening, I know I did, there was a stationary car at Quaywest in the right turn lane to go up Penwill Way with a couple of firemen pouring water on it's engine. No photo, sorry.


David said...

Sorry about the different size, no idea why it's like this and it doesn't seem to want to change.

retired driver Peter said...

Some buses such as the opentop buses in the Isle of Wight to the Needles and the service in Lincoln from the town to the top of Steep Hill are not registered in the same way and are Tourist Routes. These do not I understand accept passes, hence I guess why people ask you the question

Nathan Thorn said...

In this weeks RouteOne magazine, there is an article about the Scotish company not accepting the passes.

Take a look, it's an interesting read :)

Cabbie J said...

I've seen ducks at Torre Abbey Gardens. Unfortunately one of them was part of the road surface and the other two were being harassed by seagulls.