Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I went for a ride on our service 50, Paignton to Cockington. I wanted to take a few photos along the way and I had the camera ready as we approached the bend at the end of the Esplanade when the blue open top tour bus came round. I took this quick shot. It was only when I downloaded the photos on to my computer that I noticed the somewhat unusual passenger sitting up stairs. None of the other passengers seem to have noticed him sitting there ready to jump up and eat some passing vegetarian passer-by.

The other photo was taken in Torquay where the road lay out at Rock Walk has recently been changed. Traffic used to use the seaward side of the duel carriageway and the cliff side was used for parking. The council were concerned that people parking their cars would get run over while crossing the road to the beach so traffic now runs by the cliff and parking is on the safe side of the road. To get out of the parking area traffic is supposed to turn left only as this is much safer and quicker than trying to turn right against two lots of traffic. Not everyone sees it that way though.


Cabbie J said...

If you find it too difficult to turn right out of that junction, or can't do so safely, then you really shouldn't be on the road anyway.
If you parked in the 'new' parking area and wanted to go back out through the harbour, you'd have to drive all the way to the train station to do a U turn.

Anonymous said...

Equally, if you are ignoring the road traffic signs and markings and making an illegal right turn you shouldn't be on the road.