Friday, 27 May 2011

Driving a Bus Can Be Interesting.

I don't seem to blog as much as I used to. Maybe it's because driving for Devonian Motor Services isn't quite as interesting as driving a number 12. To give you a couple of examples of interesting things that have happen today will illustrate this completely. First incident, if I can give it the tag of incident, came as I drove along the Esplanade. A white van had stopped some distance ahead of me and the driver jumped out, ran round the back of the van and opened the doors. He extracted a package, closed the door and ran across the road to one of the hotels. There was a car towing a caravan coming the other way and years of driving experience lead me to believe that a) the van, the bus and the caravan would all be lined up across the road and b) there was enough room for the bus and the caravan to pass safely provided nobody sneezed at the wrong moment. Just as I drew level with the van and concentrating on missing the caravan the driver of the white van's dog decided I was getting a bit too close to his master's wing mirror and threw himself at the driver's window and barked fit to wake, if not the dead then anyone still asleep within a radius of several hundred metres. A slight tightening of my grip on the steering wheel, a few extra unexpected heart beats and a couple of muttered nasty words about dogs and the 'incident' was over without a mark on either the bus, van or caravan. So much excitement. Then later in the day I arrived in Cockington Village and having a minute or two to wait I glanced at the village notice board which contained the announcement I reproduce below. It is about the Cockington Village Residents Association AGM. And we get a mention in the agenda, item number 6. The meeting was last Tuesday, had I know before hand I might have popped in and found out what the villagers had to say about us. I expect it was something nice.

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