Friday, 2 September 2011

Coming Up

First a reminder. On Sunday at Shedden Hill Car Park there is the Vintage Bus Running Show. Here is a chance not only to look at a load of old buses but also take a ride round the Bay on as many as you have time for. Look out for the ex Torquay Dept Volvo B6 formally used on the 12 service before being moved to Exeter. I always liked driving these B6s and like most drivers was sad to see them go but I did hear that the engineering staff all went out for a drink the day they left the depot. Any way, you can catch the buses at the car park or wait for them at their very own bus stop on the sea front at the bottom of Belgrave Rd.

Second a warning. From Monday if you get on a bus in the Bay with a concessionary bus pass you will be asked to swipe the bus pass on the electronic ticket machine instead of showing the pass and telling the driver where you are going. A couple of minor problems here. First you will probably have to take the pass out of a holder if you have it in a holder as the machine might not be able to read the card through the clear plastic screen in most card holders, so have it out ready. Second is the fact that now because passengers will no longer need to tell the driver where they intend to get off the bus, there is a possibility that you might get on the wrong bus and not realise until you have travelled a long way toward some where you didn't intend to go to. Have fun.

Third a question. Look at the photo. I have noticed a few cars recently with odd little things hanging from the back bumper. What is this all about, have I missed something important here?


Cabbie J said...

Hanging a small toy from the towing eye has been popular for a while now. I guess its similar to when truck drivers tied cuddly toys to the grille. This person is obviously taking it a bit far.

Anonymous said...

Dave - the driver is that well known person Dick Head.

DG875 said...

About the smart cards- if the machines are as good as those on Plymouth CityBus, then they'll read the card through anything almost- even the unopened wallet.

Dc bus charter said...

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