Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Saturday 4 Sept 2011 Parking Ticket

Once again a coach driver has forgotten that there is a difference, legally, between a coach and a bus. One of those differences is that buses cannot park in coach bays. An other is that coaches cannot park on bus stops, especially those bus stops marked out in yellow paint. The reason for that is simple. If a coach parks on the bus stop, when the bus turns up it has to sit out in the middle of the road blocking the traffic and causing congestion.

Traffic wardens were invented to help keep the traffic in our towns and cities moving by discouraging illegal parking, a major reason for congestion. Most traffic wardens enjoy their job.

So edwardscoaches.co.uk, don't park on bus stops, it will cost you 80 quid. Oh sorry, it already has cost you 80 quid.

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Joseph said...

Oh boy! The unlucky coach driver. Serves him right. Hopefully, next time, a traffic ticket will not be necessary, because the driver will think twice before making the same mistake. Anyway, whatever the nature of the ticket, it's still a big pain.