Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hello London, There are people in the UK who don't live in in the South East.

The government spends more money on transport projects for Londoners than on those for the rest of the country combined, a think tank says.

The Institute for Public Policy Research North says £2,700 is spent per person in London compared with £5 per head in the north-east of England.

In a report out this week IPPR North says there is a "sharp disparity".

London - £2,731

South-east of England - £792

East Midlands - £311

West Midlands - £269

Yorkshire and Humberside - £201

North-west of England - £134

Eastern England - £43

South-west of England - £19

North-east of England - £5

The government says its investment strategy is to maximise economic benefits for the country as a whole.


I have posted this just in case anyone had any ideas in their heads that the Government actually knows that life exists outside London and the South East, or even cares for that matter. Remember, the futher away from the seat of power the less you get. The people living in Brixham would agree with that.

The photo of new bus for London is purely a coincidence. Where exactly did Boris get the money from to build that thing?


brokenangel said...

Mental london gets new buses to target fare dodgers while routes are getting cut up here FML thank god I have a car

Anonymous said...

Just look at the cost of Crossrail: £16 billion. Imagine what you could get around the UK for that kind of money. A most useful rail project would be to extend third rail electrification from Basingstoke to Paignton via Salisbury, including a new station at Exeter airport(also returning the route to double track) and providing fast services to Waterloo. This would provide genuine competition for FGW with subsequent positive impact on fares and give Torbay a huge economic boost. This would happen in Germany of France, but not in the UK as only London counts. No wonder the Scots want out.

Anonymous said...

They're saving money by skimping on the diesel for those new buses.

Anonymous said...

Is there NOT a case for saying "If we cannot afford our CAPITAL CITY" then there really is NO HOPE"!